Salowk Sengupta
Birth date 1st June 1996
Birth place Alipurduar
Nationality Indian
Founder of Salowk Sengupta Publication
Guru Bivashkanti Guptabakshi
Philosophy Bangiyo
Literary works Shreya Ghoshal Sraddhyanjali, 1500 Saal
Honor Goldenboy
Quotations If you in danger,

Please think of you mother

If you lost your power of thinking,

You may invite your destruction.

If you try to win,

Don’t be negative.

So, be positive and say.

From your core of the heart

I have to do it.

Literary movement Contextual Modernism
Salowk Sengupta is an Indian Bengali poet, novelist, singer of this modern era. He has logic behind his literary works and others. His immense love for music particularly for Rabindra Sangeet is unique. Specifically he is a complete admirer of Rabindranath Tagore. More over at this crisis moment he has a stronghold in his farthest corner of his heart for Bengali culture and music.

Mother India produced a galaxy of genius in the 21st century and Salowk is perhaps the brightest among them. Under the personal care of his father Partha Sengupta, and the tutors at home, he gained a deep knowledge in Bengali literature. From the very boyhood he began to write poems of great merit and charm. He is a versatile genius. In later life he became a poet.

Early life Edit

Salowk was born on 1 June 1996 at Alipurduar, a former subdivision of the state of West Bengal and now become a district town. His father Partha Sengupta is a State Government employee and his mother Dipali Sengupta is a housewife. His birth name is Anirban Sengupta but he achieve his success with his birth name is Anirban Sengupta.

Salowk was involved in music from the early days of his life. His musical journey is still continuing. In his course of life he gained deepness and enough maturity in his thinking and he entered the world of literature. After that period his music and writing spread their steps hand to hand. Now he involves very much in writing and equally he is trying to gain knowledge about literature and technicality of writing as much as one can.

Musical life Edit

Salowk found a CD from the corner of his room when he was student of class 9. The CD was contained with 120 Tagore Songs. After hearing the CD Salowk became interested in the world of music specially in Rabindra Sangeet (Tagore Songs). After gained success in Madhyamik Examination he started his musical journey with the mastery excellence of Sree Manojit Dey. Very soon Salowk’s talent in the field of music direction came in limelight in Geet Shudhaa Music Production and in front of Manojit Dey. Sree Manojit Dey appoint him in music direction in Geet Shudhaa Music for an one year course which named “The Project Resound of Tagore Songs”. But Salowk completed the target within only three months.

Gradually, He became a singer and Manajit Dey gave him a chance to perform on stage in a function on the occasion of Bengali Festival Kaalipujaa. From the very beginning he gained popularity among the people of the locality along with the personalities of Geet Shudhaa Music Production. Gradually he started to perform in concerts from the functions.

Salowk performed in his first live performance in a concert in Youth Festival in the year 2012 on the occasion of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. In the live concert Salowk conducted the concert. In 2013, he and his companions conducted a concert at Dwars Festival. Salowk concert of Dwars Festival made newspaper headline and not only that, he also received admiration from the great singer Raghab Chaterjee.

In the year 2013, he gave an audition in a reality show named Voice of North Bengal. The judge was the famous vocalist of “Bangla Band” Cacktus, Shidhu. But Salowk was not selected for the final as he was not spread out his music in versatility.

Literary life Edit

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Salowk started his literary career with script writing. At first he started his life as a writer with the romantic love poems but later on he continue his writing with the versatile topics of nationality, essays about social rituals and culture, nature, personalities, historical events, fantasy, science, philosophy and detective fictional stories etc.

Salowk started his career as a writer from the middle of the year 2010. He likes to write on different topics. From the childhood Salowk was interested in science but in latter life he become fond of literature. When he was in class 9th standard, he was interested in Bengali literature. He started his poetic life in this way. He started to take initiative to publish his poetry in various journals and periodicals.

In the year 2012, he learned to write and poetical composition with specific rules of Bengali literature from his guru Bivashkanti Guptabakshi. In present time he research and investigation of the case Kadambari Devi’s suicide note and Evaluation of Bengali Race and Culture for new skills of subjects in his literary works. He is reputed for his vast knowledge in literature and philosophy.

After gained success in Madhyamik Examination he started his literary journey with the mastery excellence of Bivaskanti Guptabakshi. Very soon his talent in the field of literary direction came in limelight in Bengali literature and in front of Charbak.

Salowk carefully read Marx and Engels and became a thought able person of Marxism in 2012.

Personal life Edit

About his singing and writing style, he has said, “I have a special way of writing the lyrics when it is dictated to me. No matter what the language of the song, even if it is Hindi, I write it in Bengali. I have certain notations and markings to indicate the way it should be pronounced. Never take shortcut in the journey of life. There is no substitute of labor. Success is nothing but determination, honesty, hardbound and dedication. Your work is your religion.”

According to Salowk, his very first influence in his life was his father and also mother. He also acknowledged that Indranil Sen, Srikanto Acharya and The Bengali Polymath of Tagore family and Brahmo philosopher Rabindranath Tagore have always been his idols. In an interview Salowk said, “I use Rabindranath Thakur style and the personification of writing skill when a narrator understands. He also mentioned the names of Satyajit Roy, Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay and Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay as his biggest inspirations towards modern Bengali literature”.

Aami Chini Go Chini * Ek Tu Ku Chhoya Lage * Aami Tomaay Jato * Aaj Khela Bhaangaar Khela * Aamar Raat Pohaalo * Paaglaa Haawaan * Sagano Gahano Raati * Din Jodi Holo Abosaan
Literary Works
Shreya Ghoshal Shraddhyanjali * 1500 Saal