Salowk started his literary career with script writing. At first he started his life as a writer with the romantic love poems but later on he continue his writing with the versatile topics of nationality, essays about social rituals and culture, nature, personalities, historical events, fantasy, science, philosophy and detective fictional stories etc.

Salowk started his career as a writer from the middle of the year 2010. He likes to write on different topics. From the childhood Salowk was interested in science but in latter life he become fond of literature. When he was in class 9th standard, he was interested in Bengali literature. He started his poetic life in this way. He started to take initiative to publish his poetry in various journals and periodicals.

In the year 2012, he learned to write and poetical composition with specific rules of Bengali literature from his guru Bivashkanti Guptabakshi. In present time he research and investigation of the case Kadambari Devi’s suicide note and Evaluation of Bengali Race and Culture for new skills of subjects in his literary works. He is reputed for his vast knowledge in literature and philosophy.

After gained success in Madhyamik Examination he started his literary journey with the mastery excellence of Bivaskanti Guptabakshi. Very soon his talent in the field of literary direction came in limelight in Bengali literature and in front of Bivaskanti.

List Of Literary Works Edit

2010 Edit

  • "Tomaar Proty Bhaabonaa"
  • "Bondhutter Samaapti"
  • "Itibaachoowk Chintaa"
  • "Aamaar Proty"
  • "Samaaj"
  • "Itihaas"
  • "Taahaar Naam Netaji"

2011 Edit

  • "Samaas"
  • "Satheek Path"
  • "Netibaachok"
  • "Maa"

2012 Edit

  • "Jaatonaa"
  • "Din Raatri"
  • "Subrata Sir"
  • "Samaajer Kalonko"

2013 Edit

  • "Kobi"
  • "I Have To Do It"
  • "Maran"
  • "Swapno Maran"
  • "Aami Shubham Bolchhi"
  • "Swapner Kaalponik Duniya"
  • "Dharo Jodi"
  • "Daao Paddo Likhte"
  • "Aapon Mone"
  • "Tumi O Aami"
  • "Aatmobeelaap"

2014 Edit

  • "Aasaan"
  • "Bimurto Iswar"
  • "Aalaapan"
  • "Kaalo Tumi"
  • "Achenaa Tumi"
  • "Saamoyeek Aalaapan"
  • "Aapko Dekhaa Meine"
  • "Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat"
  • "Achena Shukh Achena Bhaalobaasaa"
  • "Nabaananda"
  • "Supuri"
  • "Sraaboni"
  • "Moho"
  • "Monomaalinyo"
  • "Janmotsab"
  • "Anyopraashoner Aanusthaanikataa"

2015 Edit

  • "Baastobeek Bartomaan"
  • "I'm Anirban"
  • "The Dream In Our Mind"
  • "Black Knight"
  • "Kalpona"
  • "Bedhechhi Bina"
  • "Mone Rekho"
  • "Rogaakkraanto"
  • "Bharatsheersa"
  • "Rajat"
  • "Aaloowkshikhaa Jaaloowk Jaane"
  • "Raja Sir"
  • "Bedona"
  • "Namaskaam"
  • "Chinta"
  • "Shreya Ghoshal Sraddhyanjali"
  • "Manaskaam"
  • "1500 Saal"

References Edit

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